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Why DIY Roof Repair is a Bad Idea

With an abundance of DIY renovation shows on TV and a ton of online tutorials, it seems like home improvement projects can be done by anyone. However, not every project is beginner-friendly. For example, any type of roof work should always be left to professionals, from roof installation to roof repair.

Dangers of DIY Roof Repair

The primary reason to avoid DIY roof repairs is safety. Any situation that involves a combination of heights, power tools, and heavy materials comes with risks. Additionally, it takes time to simply learn how to walk across a roof’s slope with ease; even if you’re unafraid of heights, the angles can be complex to navigate. It’s always safer to hire a professional roofing company that has the necessary experience, training, and insurance.

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Roof Repair Can be Complex

Figuring out the logistics of moving lots of roofing materials and equipment up to the roof is difficult enough; understanding the actual intricacies of the work is another project entirely. For example, different types of roofing require different installation techniques; attaching metal roofing sheets is different from attaching individual asphalt shingles. No matter how dedicated you may be, performing roof repairs and roof replacement requires significant research and training.

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Potentially Voiding Manufacturer Warranties

Although roofing product warranties exist, most manufacturers only offer them to licensed professionals. So, if something goes wrong during a roof repair and what you’ve purchased gets ruined, it’s unlikely you’ll get any money back. By bringing in a contractor, not only will the materials be covered, but the work itself will be under warranty as well.